Have you always “wished” you could do something? Drawing has always been on that list for me. I want to draw better. And my WHY is that I want to really see and savor the beauty around me. I think that being still and seeing something/some place/someone in a way that I can capture the moment on paper would also in some way hold it better in my heart.

I found that over the years, I had accumulated several really good books on drawing. (By the way, while they do have lots of great insights, they are in like new condition.)

Even more, I would love to “be in the moment” and look for interesting action, architecture, faces, landscapes that I could capture on paper. These books are so inspiring, (again in like new condition).

So, here’s the thing….having all the books, neat pens, great papers and notebooks is not going to make me better at drawing. I have found that I am really good at shopping for all the cool bits and watching other people do it so well in tutorials. I have not been disciplined in the DOING.

This is as simple as it gets. I am going to drawing something everyday. I am not going to share it with the world-for now-because I know myself. I would go into comparison mode quickly. I am keeping my materials just as basic as possible because I don’t want the “precious factor” to hinder my own freedom. See, I have learned a lot about what will quench the joy and I am trying to be really intentional on this one. And to my delight, my daughter is joining me on this journey.

There is a carrot at the end of this path for me. I am planning a trip of a lifetime and I dream of savoring the moments in an artistic, thoughtful way. It has to start with the basics.

So, how about you? Is there something you have always “said” you want to do? Having the materials/tools does not make you better at something. It is only in the practice that we become better. Something else to think about-if you really don’t want to invest the time and effort in the learning curve, why is it still on your list? Yep, I just dropped the mic, so to speak.

I would love to hear what skill you want to improve. Today, if it’s drawing, join me in the simplest way…Do It!



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