At this time of year, I always look back to evaluate my choices over the past 12 months. Let’s not forget that we are where we are because of our choices along the way. Sometimes good ones, sometimes not so much.

As a maker, my favorite mediums are clay and paint. I have discovered that my painting is most inspired by being out in the landscapes I love to paint. This painting, titled “Choices”, is inspired by a day outing to Long Hunter State Park. It captures just a moment at the edge of the lake. As I worked, I could see a story unfold.

We can choose to stay in the shallow area with clear boundaries and a good view of the bottom rocks. It is known here and clear and calm. Or, with just a little or maybe a lot of effort, we can overcome the waves of the environment and reach out to see what is yet to be discovered around the bend, where the sky meets the water. How well we navigate these choices is surely influenced or framed by our history, like this vintage frame that surrounds the quiet scene.

I am tossing out a challenge to you, that you would be brave and bold in your choices in this new year. Each day offers new choices. Be bold.



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