Storytelling with Encaustic Collage

I am delighted to offer a class in storytelling with encaustic collage giving you the chance to preserve your own memorabilia. This is a great technique to enjoy bits that tell a story of a loved one or an event.

encaustic class

Using a photocopy of your image, you will add words, ephemera, and “flat-ish” treasures such as buttons, feathers, textiles, to tell a story about something important to you.

First, we will begin by adding color, if you would like, to a porous surface-8″x10″- to enhance the collage. Then you will layer on the encaustic medium to add depth and luminosity to the project, as well as sealing in your treasures.

encaustic medium

The finished project will fit nicely in a standard 8″x10″ frame.

You are definitely encouraged to bring these items to create your collage. I will have many more options available in the studio to consider. The substrate will be ready for you, with a sample on the side to test the process. This art form is very forgiving so be ready to explore composition and storytelling.

encaustic class materials

This is an opportunity to take storytelling to the next level with encaustic collage. Besides the images and ephemera you bring, the fee includes all other materials and will result in a frameable project. Allow up to 3 hours for the class. This class is suitable for all adults and youth with a paid parent participant. Fee is $40 per person.

Call the studio at 615-348-8423 or email me at to schedule your class.

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