I love all things handmade. I respect the work involved in creating a good meal, arranging hundreds of fabric scraps into a warm quilt, and carving a bowl from the old family tree. The time in the creation is the most precious gift.
I have shared my handmade things at craft shows for over ten years. Those who know me understand that my favorite medium is likely to change frequently. At the moment it is clay. There are more steps involved in creating that mug than most realize.

Just coasting

I hear folks who say things like “I always wanted to try pottery,” or “I am just not that creative.” I am a firm believer that you never know till you try. I also believe that there is a creative spark in everyone.
My dream is to offer those folks an opportunity to slow down and give it a try. Let’s get over our 6th grade selves and play in the messy clay and sticky glue again.

Enjoying this journey,

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